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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Physical Education

At Kingsnorth CEP School, our main aims within this subject area are:

  • To develop the ‘physical literacy’ our children require through a varied, lively and engaging skills based PE curriculum.
  • To develop the self-esteem and confidence of our pupils; to ensure inclusivity for all children in all key stages.
  • To promote cognitive development and thinking skills.
  • Enabling all pupils to become proficient in a wide range of sports.
  • Developing social and moral skills.
  • Developing perseverance and determination.
  • To develop leadership skills for our pupils moving into secondary school and beyond.
  • To support the development of teamwork and collaborative skills.
  • To identify, support and develop talent.

Our PE Provision is divided into three main areas of focus: PE, Sport and Health.

Physical Education

In 2018, Kingsnorth CEP School have developed and implemented a new curriculum (in line with national requirements) in order to deliver high quality PE for all learners. The six areas of activity provided are:

  • Games (Netball, Cricket, Football, Handball, Tennis, Tag Rugby, Hockey and various additions)
  • Gym (Large Apparatus, Floor Gymnastics, Travel, Balance and Shape)
  • Dance
  • Outdoor Adventurous Activities
  • Athletics (including Sportshall Athletics, Infant Agility, Triathlon and Fitness/Circuit training)
  • Swimming

in KS1, they develop their fundamental skills to get them ready for games in KS2. These skills include: Throwing & Catching, Attacking & Defending, Sending & Receiving, Striking & Fielding and Net & Wall. 

In Physical Education, as well as providing the opportunities listed above for our children, we work with a variety of outside agencies and local sports coaches/ clubs to enhance our PE curriculum further.


We believe the well- being of our children is fundamental to their sporting development.  Linked to Science, we teach children about how to look after their bodies, exercise regularly and discuss how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Two, ‘How can I be healthy?’, days during National Sports Week build on children’s understanding of health which they have developed in Science.  Change for Life Clubs, regular Dance and Zumba workshops and professional visits in this area put health at the forefront of our children’s education.


At Kingsnorth, we have a wide range of sporting opportunities available to our children.