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Kingsnorth Primary School

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English Hub

We have showcase events planned for 2019/2020 please click here for more detail.

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Launch Event

We launched the Hub in February 2019 and have raised the profile and local presence of the English Hubs during this time. We work very closely with a number of partners to deliver support to schools and aiming to deliver the aims of the Hub.

Showcase Events

Across Terms 2, 3 + 4 of 2019/20 we have held/are holding Showcase Events, open to all schools, to learn about the English Hubs Programme and how Kingsnorth English Hub can support schools in improving the outcomes for children around reading, phonics and early language development. Showcase Events Flyer


In September 2018 it was announced by the Minister of State for School Standards that Kingsnorth CEP had been chosen as one of 32 English Hubs nationally.

English hub schools will promote a love of reading and support schools across the country to provide excellent phonics and early language teaching.

Literacy specialists within each hub will provide tailored support to schools. This will include:

  • running events to showcase excellent practice in teaching reading
  • working with local schools to develop their practice

What the Government has said about the hubs:

The government is announcing the names of 32 schools across England that will take a leading role in supporting schools that struggle to teach children to read by improving the teaching of early language and reading.

This network of some of the best performing primary schools will work to increase reading standards in schools across the country and improve education outcomes for the most disadvantaged children, particularly in underperforming schools.

Reading is key to opening up learning. While the government has made great progress through the introduction of phonics, it wants to continue to drive improvements in the standards of literacy.

Building on the success of phonics, which has contributed to 163,000 more six-year-olds on track being fluent readers than in 2012, the 32 schools will spread best practice and teaching techniques, backed by £26.3 million funding. This will include providing school workshops for teachers and more intensive school-to-school support.

The hub schools were chosen through a competitive process - all 32 have a background of excellent phonics teaching and are distributed to benefit the areas that need it most. Each hub will identify specialist literacy teachers who will get additional training to act as experts in teaching in early language and reading from reception year to Key Stage 1. The hubs will work with up to 170 local primary schools and will build a network of excellent phonics teaching in every region.

Information about the announcement are below:

The official press notice is available here:

A list of the 32 Hubs: