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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Year 6

Welcome back - Term 3

MESSAGE: Water leak - school closed. Online learning/work can be found at the bottom of the page in documents. 

We have attached Early morning work, Reading skills, Maths and BBC Bitesize revision 

You can send your work to the email or bring in tomorrow, if you wish to show us. 

The Year 6 Team: Mr Clark (6C), Mrs Nock (formally Miss Howard - 6N)

Our TA's: Mrs Wright and Mrs Williams 

Things I need to know: 

P.E slot weekly:  Floor Gymnastics (Mondays). Please ensure your child is in the appropriate clothing (P.E Kit and black trainers.)

P.E Block Week: Week 4 (W/B 23/01/23)

Children should come to school in school uniform and then change in school. 

Important dates: 

04/01/22 – 08/02/23 – Statutory catch up swimming sessions. These are statutory and are a legal requirement for children to complete. 

16/01/23 – Anti-Crime assembly: Restore, reform and respect.

7/02/23 – Safer Internet Day.

10/02/23 – Magistrates Visit.

What will you be learning this term? 


This term we will be focusing on ‘Ratio, Algebra and Decimals’. It closely links with our work in term 2; we will continue to focus on our methods and writing down of our working out. We will use Fridays for arithmetic and reasoning practice on units already covered. Our methods of teaching the calculations can be found on the school website.

It would really help to support our learning in class if you could continue to practise times tables with your Knowing these and being able to confidently recall them underpins the majority of the Maths in the Year 6 curriculum and can really boost progress.

English: Floodland Floodland | Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

This term, we are looking at Floodland - A gripping, prizewinning novel about a girl surviving in a devastated world. Imagine that a few years from now England is covered by water. We will link this to our knowledge of climate change, ecological movements and environmentalism. The children will have the opportunity to reflect on what we know about characters, draw on geographical knowledge and build cohesion and vocabulary in our own writing.

History: Humanities: Ancient Egypt - 'Our Big question this term is ‘What can we learn about life as an Ancient Egyptian from the artefacts they left behind?’ We will explore creatively historical artefacts and what they tell us, linking it to our Art unit about ‘Vases’ and DT, where we will be constructing Shadufs.

Science: Our Science topic this term is ‘Light’ focusing on the question: What is light, and why is it important for us to see? We will recap previous learning and consolidate our understanding through the use of experts and scientific enquiry.

R.E: Our Term 3 RE topic is ‘Gospel – What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today? (part 2) We will focus on who Muslims are and what they believe. We will discuss fasting and pilgrimages and how this is important – what can we take from this?

PSHE: Dreams and Goals

In this Puzzle, the class talk about their own strengths and further stretching themselves by setting challenging and realistic goals. They discuss the learning steps they’ll need to take as well as talking about how to stay motivated. The children explore various global issues and explore places where people may be suffering or living in difficult situations – whilst doing this they reflect on their own emotions linked to this learning.