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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Pastoral Care

Mrs S. Bone, Miss D. Moore, Mrs P. Rich,  
Miss S Gorham, Miss G Tree, Miss A Smith

The Pastoral Care dimension of the school is of paramount importance and involves all children and adults who participate in the daily life of the school. Strong emphasis is placed upon the creation of a supportive atmosphere and children are encouraged to strive to achieve their personal, social and academic goals.

It is important that pupils gain maximum benefit from their time at Kingsnorth Primary School so that independence, responsibility, self-discipline, self-respect and consideration for others can be fostered. It is our belief that Pastoral Care should be at the heart of the working ethos of our school. It is not a timetabled subject but, rather, permeates all aspects of school life.

If you have any problems that you feel we need to know about please come and chat to Mrs Bone, Mrs Rich,  Miss Gorham.  

We all have our roles in the team.  

Mrs Rich can help with personal,  financial,  housing, benefits and family problems.  

Miss Gorham deals with all health concerns and issues.

All of these areas we can help and support you with if you confide in us.   So please come and talk to us we are there to support and help where we can.