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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Support Staff

Teaching Assistants

Mrs C McGlone         Mrs H. Bates

Mrs W Moat               Mrs G Howard

Mrs S Brown              Miss H Greeves

Miss R Sinden           Miss E Smith

Mrs L Spiers              Mrs M. Potts

Mrs S Yaxley              Miss T Banks

Mrs F Dengate          Mrs P Denne

Mrs S Cook                Mrs S Brittain

Mrs J Wright              Mrs J Buczkowska






Mid-day Supervising Staff

Miss S Gorham

Mrs P Terry
Miss J Stepto
Mrs G Howard

Miss M Kubanska

Miss B Toms
Miss J Grey

Miss R Skinner

Admin Staff

Miss A Smith
Mis  G Tree
Mrs P Rich
Miss S Gorham
Miss M Fellows

Welfare Staff

Miss Gorham       Mrs Moat

Site Manager

Mr R Everett


Mr B Clifton-Day

Cleaning Staff

Miss B Heselden
Miss S Taylor
Mrs P Terry

Miss J Grey

Ms J. Skinner


ICT Technician

Mr M Page


Mrs S Syrett

Breakfast club

Miss A Smith
Mrs G. Howard
Miss J Stepto
Miss S Gorham
Miss M Kubanska

Miss T Banks

Miss Z Ray

Mrs M Ray