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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Year 2

                                               Nathan Bryon - MMB CreativeRocket Says Look Up! (Rocket Says..., #1) by Nathan Bryon      Dahl Class - 2K                                                                                                          Bryon Class - 2H 

Teachers: Mrs Hunt and Miss Keeling

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bates, Ms Capeling and Mrs Howard

Welcome to Term 6

How can we be in our final term of Year 2! We are so proud of how far the children have come so far this year. We have one last term together and lots packed in, please see below for more information.  Please also refer to the termly newsletter for further information.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on the Year 2 email account - 


In Maths, we follow the White Rose scheme of learning. We will begin the term with revision of the topics we have covered so far this year in preparation for their final Year 2 assessments. We will then study statistics and position and direction. Both of these topics offer a fun, active learning approach, so we look forward to plenty of outdoor learning alongside this. It is still very important for your child to work on their arithmetic skills using the four operations (multiply, divide, addition and subtraction), so please support them in what they find the most tricky to grasp. 

To support your child, please continue to play mental maths games on apps such as; 

White Rose 1-min Maths 

Below is the Year 2 scheme of learning for the upcoming year. 

                  White rose maths




In English, we follow the Read, Write, Inc scheme of learning as well as Power of Reading.  We will be focusing in particular on ensuring work is demarcated with full stops and capital letters, that sentences are coherent and will begin to look at grammatical aspects such as conjunctions to further enhance writing. Please help your child learn their weekly spellings as there is such a big focus on spelling in Year 2. Attached below is a list of common exception words as well as high-frequency words. We would really appreciate your support in helping your child practise these so that they are confident in both reading and writing them independently.  

The video below will help you to understand how to say each of the sounds from Set 1 to Set 3. It would be really beneficial for you to watch this to support you with your child's learning.

For writing we will continue to make our own books. This terms first writing opportunity is poetry where we will be exploring Haiku poems. 

We are often asked how you can support your child with writing at home. Here are a few ideas that will support your child in both their creativity and in practising the structure and content of various genres; 

- Write a letter or postcard to someone

- Write a recipe or instructions for how to do something 

- Keep a diary, updating it regularly 

- Write a familiar story in your own words *maybe even change some of the elements i.e. character, setting etc. 


We consistently review your child's reading level and adjust this accordingly. Please listen to your child read daily and ask them questions about what they are reading. Below are some links to online books which you may find helpful. 

In RE this term we will continue to explore the religion of Islam and learn about the beliefs of Muslim people. We will also relate this to our own experiences and beliefs and those of the religions we have already learnt about.


We are looking forward to learning all about plants this term. We will find out what they need to stay healthy. We are looking forward to growing some plants of our own. 


In PE, we follow the TLG scheme of learning. Below is a yearly overview of the topics your child will cover in Year 2. 


Our unit across this term will be sending and recieving.  Our weekly PE session will be on a Tuesday afternoon outside (weather permitting). Your child can wear their PE kit throughout the day.

Our block PE week will be w.b 10.6.24. We will be focusing on athletics. We will also be outdoors this week, so please ensure your child is wearing the appropriate PE kit for the weather.

PSHE:Jigsaw PSHE on Twitter: "The first #JigsawPSHETweetoftheWeek contest of  2020 kicks off today! PSHE and HWB are serious subjects, but the  competition is #justforfun #PSHE #HWB #healthandwellbeing" / Twitter

We follow Jigsaw for our PSHE learning. This term we will be focusing on "Changing me". This will involve looking at how we change from a baby up to adulthood and elderly. It will also give us the opportunity to look back on what we have achieved so far and what we are looking forward to in the future. 


Humanities - History:

We will be looking at our locality and how it has changed over time. This will involve comparing Ashford as well as Kingsnorth and our school in particular to how it was many years ago. We will use various sources to help us with our research.