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CHOIR: Young Voices at Home via Spotify

Young Voices | The O2

Any children who would like to practise the songs for the Young Voices trip on Tuesday 16th January can click on this link which will take you to the parents' page:

On this page, if you scroll down, there is a link to the Young Voices Spotify account. Perfect for practising!

Please scroll to the attachments at the bottom of this page to find the lyric sheet.

Enjoy singing the songs Choir!



At Kingsnorth, we love music and consider it a universal, creative language. We believe that music is an integral part of human expression and creativity and, as such, we have a role to play in exposing our pupils to a rich, high-quality music curriculum.

We aim to provide all our children with an engaging and inspiring music curriculum that encourages pupils to develop a love of music, as well as opportunities to nurture their individual talent as musicians. Studying music builds a wide variety of skills, including (but not limited to): self-confidence, teamwork, hand-eye coordination and critical thinking. These are skills important to shaping a life-long love of learning both in academic music education and beyond.

Music presents a number of cross-curricular opportunities; from studying sound in Science, to using mathematical knowledge to understand timing and rhythm. It supports the exploration of other cultures through investigation of different genres, and allows opportunities to access different languages through the study of key terms within music theory.

Through the critical appreciation, academic study and performing of music in wider contexts we aspire to demonstrate to our pupils how music permeates throughout our school community and into the wider world.