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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Green Tree Schools Award

We have been working hard to achieve our Green Tree Schools Award. We currently have our gold award and we are now aiming to achieve our platinum award! 


Have a look at how we managed to achieve our gold award! Can you spot our award near the office?

Create a tree champion

For this activity, we had to create our own tree champion. It could be a person, an animal or made up creature and they had to be a spokesperson for woods and trees, standing up for them and fighting their corner. 

Tree dressing

Tree dressing is popular in many cultures and is a fantastic way to show our appreciation for trees and the important role they play in our lives. We chose some trees that were important to us in our prayer garden and decorated them to show our appreciation. We made sure to take the decorations down afterwards so that they didn't harm any wildlife!


Different viewpoints

For this activity we learnt all about perspective. We imagined what the world would look like from a bird's eye view as well as a bug's eye view. We also thought about what things would look like close up using magnifying glasses as well as what things look like from underneath. Have a look at some of the wonderful pictures we took exploring viewpoints!


Woodland words and images

In the woodland, we created different pieces of natural art using the resources we could find. We also completed some rubbings particularly of tree bark, leaves and other natural materials. 

Reduce Co2 emissions

For this activity, we were encouraged to think about how we could reduce our school's carbon footprint. Some of us decided to make posters that we stuck up around the school encouraging people to think carefully about their actions and some of us decided to create mini poster reminders that we stuck near light switches, encouraging people to turn lights off when they leave the room.