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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Reading for Pleasure: Transforming your school's reading culture CPD Programme

The TSRC programme is a sustained, research based CPD Programme aimed at primary English Leads.  During the course of the programme participants will engage deeply with reading for pleasure pedagogy and leadership theory to transform their school's reading culture.  Participants will attend 5 sessions and complete gap tasks in between sessions.  Those who commit will be expected to attend all sessions.

Programme aims:

  • Understand the research underpinning RfP practice and pedagagogy
  • Widen knowledge of children's literature
  • Transform whole school reading culture in your school
  • Develop the leadership skills to initiate and sustain change
  • Because advocates for RfP and share experiences and best practice

Please find below an overview of the 5 sessions:

Session 1 - Reading for Pleasure: a whole school culture

Session 1 - Creating whole school change

Session 3 - Creating a reading school: structural changes

Session 4 - Creating a reading school: behavioural changes

Session 5 - Celebrating impact and sustaining change

Please refer to the attachment below for a more detailed overview of the course.

The course is primarily aimed at those in early years leadership such as the school’s head teacher, early years lead and SENDCO. There is an expectation that 2-3 staff members attend from each school and will take responsibility for the cascading of training within their school. 

If you would be interested in joining our September 2024 cohort of the TSRC Programme please email