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Kingsnorth Primary School

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School Choir

Hello all!


Although Choir Club is not currently running, I do have a little bit of good news if, like me, you are missing coming to Choir and learning all the O2 Arena songs. (Or, in fact, if you are now in Year 4 and would like to see what we get up to in Choir because you are interested in joining the club in the future). Young Voices have opened their Music Room resource! This means that, if you follow this link you should be able to see all the new songs, lyrics and dance videos for this year!

To enter the music room you will need this code: YV2021

At the moment, the O2 Arena event is scheduled for May, but obviously as things stand at the moment we may not be able to get to the real performance. But practising the songs is better than nothing, I think!

Happy singing! I can't wait until we can all be together again.

Free Choir Singers Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...

We are very lucky to have so many children interested in joining the school choir, currently this club is open to all pupils in Years 4-6.  We currently have over 40 children in our choir!

Children join Miss Howling after school once a week, this club finishes slightly later at 4:30. 

If your child wishes to join the choir, please apply via the online link. You will receive a text with the link attached.

Young Voices - All Saints Academy

Every year around January/February time, we go to the 02 to join up with other schools for an amazing concert. The trip for choir members is free, however we do ask for a payment to cover the coach cost (2020 prices £18pp).

This is a late night as the coach normally returns back to school at around 11pm.

Parents are able to purchase tickets to this event (2020 prices £23per ticket), also available to purchase are DVD's (2020 price £9.99) of the performance, T-shirts (2020 price £12) for the choir members.