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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Readiness for School


To aid your child’s preparation for life in school and preparation for independence it would be helpful if they could do these things, for themselves ,before they start school.

  1. Go to the toilet by him/herself
  2. Use a handkerchief
  3. Be able to use a knife and fork
  4. Do up own buttons and zips. Dress and undress themselves
  5. Change shoes, Wellingtons, plimsolls
  6. Hang up coat and hat
  7. Recognise own name on clothing
  8. Know, and be able to say clearly, name, address and telephone number
  9. Understand and carry out an instruction
  10. Sit quietly for a time
  11. Recognise and name primary colours
  12. Listen to a story without interruption
  13. Know numbers 1 - 10
  14. Write his/her own name
  15. Be familiar with a book
  16. Have experience of “turn taking” in games, ie snakes and ladders
  17. Have some experience of the noise larger groups of children make playing