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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Letters and Sounds

Please see below a statement from Kingsnorth English Hub:

It is not advised that Letters and Sounds 2007 is used as the sole route for delivering Phonics in schools.  It is not a full programme, so requires supplementing with other resources, and mixing programmes is also not recommended. 

However, only schools who are part of the English Hub programme are REQUIRED to select a DfE validated SSP to follow with fidelity. 

Other schools who are not part of the English Hub programme can use their discretion to ensure that they are meeting the latest standards required by OFSTED.  

The main messages from the DfE are:

  • It is up to schools how they teach phonics as long as schools are using a systematic, synthetic approach
  • Schools should be following one phonics programme with fidelity
  • There will be no expectation that schools using Letters and Sounds well, and achieving excellent results, will need to change to a new programme.