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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Year R

Welcome to Year R


                         Bees (RP)                         Butterflies (RG)            

                                Miss Pryke, Mrs Hayward                                   Miss Gore and

                                      and Mrs McGlone                                                Mrs Bates


Father's Day Event - Please note that we have a Father's Day Event on the 10th and 11th June. Please look out for further information.

Class assemblies RP 20th June and RG 4th July.

This term our theme is ‘What is down the bottom of the garden? and What happens in the deep blue sea?' we will be focusing on plants and animals. Each week we will focus on a different book  and the children will complete activities linked to these to enhance their learning. These are the books we will be focusing on this term:  (Please scroll down to find our Newsletter for this term):

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Jasper's Beanstal/Oliver's Vegetables
  • The Tiny Seed/Titch
  • Tadpole's Promise
  • The Pirates Next Door
  • The Rainbow Fish
  • The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch



 See the source image

We are incredibly proud of the progress your children have made with their phonics. Please continue to practise these sounds at home. This term the children will be split into groups for Read, Write Inc. The children will continue to consolidate the sounds they have learnt so far as well as read and write simple sentences.

Your child is now beginning to learn the Set 2 sounds, these are the vowel sounds (/ay/ in p- l-ay). They will learn one way to spell each sound. Please see the grid below. Encourage your child to use these sounds when reading and writing.

There is also a copy of the Set 1 sounds and word time words we have been practising at school, please continue to go over these at (please scroll down to find them at the bottom of the page).

Please click on the links below to help further support your child. 






May I play?


What can you see?


Fly high.


Blow the snow.


Poo at the zoo.


Look at a book.


Shut the door.


Start the car.


That's not fair.


Whirl and twirl.


Shout it out.


Toy for a boy.


This term we will be focusing on: sharing and grouping, addition and subtraction, money, position and direction and place value.

How can you help your child at home?

Getting your child to spot amounts in their environment without the need  to count them all (subitising). 

Recognising numbers in the environment, counting in different steps (2s and 5s) sharing their toys out into equal groups. Helping pay for items or recognise coins and learning which way is left and which way is right.


We will be having weekly P.E sessions. Our topic for this term is Transport. We will be exploring different ways of moving, learning how to jump off equipment safely and learning to control objects through different movements. We will also be learning to think of the space around us as well as working as part of team. P.E will be on a Monday for RP (Bees) and a Tuesday for RG (Butterflies). Please make sure your child has their P.E kit in school (house t-shirt, shorts and plimsolls).

Could we please ask to make sure all your child's uniform is named. This is to ensure we can reunite any lost uniform to the right child.

 Please check back throughout the term as will be uploading images to show you all the learning we have done this term.


Please feel free to contact us if needed to discuss any concerns or worries either: write a note in your child's reading record, speak to us on the door or alternatively send us an email.