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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Year 6

Washing Hands and Staying Healthy

Keep up-to-date with school's response here

Please make sure children continue to wash their hands regularly. Here is a NHS guide: How to wash your hands properly

Childline: It can be difficult to cope when there’s so much changing around us. Children may be worried about schools closing, friends or relatives getting ill or what'll happen in the future. There is lots of advice at Childline either by phone or on their website. 0800 1111 Childline

Advice and ideas for parents: How to help children when schools are closed

Let children keep up-to-date with current affairs by watching Newsround

We use Jigsaw to support children's PSHE learning Jigsaw Resources . They are currently providing free support for families. The password for these is 'home' (all in lowercase).

Home Learning - A Message to Year 6

Good Morning Year 6,

We hope you are ready for a brand new week of learning. Keep working through the maths and English work we have set - just a bit everyday. There is also PE, HISTORY and computing tasks to do too. 

Remember to keep checking the website for new tasks and we are happy for you to share your learning with us 


Keep reading and keep quizzing! Remember, you can quiz on books you are reading from home as well as audiobooks.

Encourage children to read for at least 30 minutes everyday.

The Bookfinder on the Booktrust website will help you discover the very best kids' books: magical mysteries, astonishing adventures and fantastic non-fiction. Happy Reading!

Complete an AR quiz here

Listen to audiobooks

Listen to The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who Ideal for all the family, these four parts make up a whole hour of extracts from The Sarah Jane Adventures (read by Elisabeth Sladen) and Doctor Who stories, read by members of the TV series, including David Tennant.

Anthony Horowitz's book for World Book Day was fantastic! His new book in the Alex Rider series 'Nightshade' will be released soon. Listen to an extract here


1. Complete the activities that we have sent home.

2. Continue to work through the revision guides or follow the link below to access a study guide:

English and Maths Study Book

3. Test your skills on the websites below

Reading comprehensions, SPAG practise and spellings 

KS2literacy Spellings


4. Additional work is in the Home Learning Pack at the bottom of this page.


1. Complete the activities that we have sent home.

2. Continue to work through the revision guides or follow the link below to access a study guide:

English and Maths Study Book

3. Don't fall behind in maths; complete a White Rose Maths Lesson every day

White Rose Maths

4. Test your skills on the websites below


Times Table Rockstars

Sheppard Software

5. Additional work is in the Home Learning Pack at the bottom of this page.


Keeping fit, healthy and active is very important. Children should aim for an average of at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day across the week

Supermovers Combine PE and learning.

Change 4 Life 

Joe Wicks Kid Workouts Can everyone have a go at doing the Joe Wicks workout at 9am! It's still available later in the day if you miss it live at 9am. 


Have a go at using Scratch to write your own game. 

 Create stories, games and animations

We've had a go at making our own Scratch game. Can you do any better? Email your game in and we can share it for everyone to try out.

Mrs Mobbs Scratch Game - A cat on a beach (use in Chrome)

Mrs Mobbs Scratch Game - A frog and a rainbow  (use in Chrome)

Thanks Ellie for sharing your Scratch Game!

Ellie's Game: FEED BARRY THE SHARK! (use in Chrome)


History Project 

Home Learning Project (Part One):


Dear Year 6,

We are thinking about you all and hoping that you and your families are all staying well. We thought it might be nice for you to mix things up a bit and do some Maths, English and other subjects through learning all about the Maya. There are some interesting clips you may want to watch here:

You do not have to do all these tasks, but here are some ideas you might like to try over the next few weeks!

Maths: Find out about the Maya counting system. Can you write the numbers 1-20? What about some larger numbers? Play the following game to help you

Use the following website to help you understand how the Maya calendar works (it is quite tricky!). There is a print-out you can use to create your own!

English: Write a detailed non-chronological report about an aspect of the Maya that you find interesting (temples, food, art, gods etc). Remember to include subheadings, paragraphs and pictures.

Write a magazine advert promoting your Maya-themed chocolate bar (See DT, below)

Remember to use persuasive techniques!

Design Technology: The Maya invented hot chocolate and believed that chocolate was a gift from their gods. Design a Maya-themed chocolate bar!

You will need to think about:

  • The ingredients and flavour of your product.
  • Packaging for your product.
  • How much you will sell it for.
  • A jingle for a radio advert.
  • A poster to advertise it.

Art: Find out about the significance of masks to the Maya. Then design/create one of your own!

Science: As we have discovered, the Maya loved chocolate!

Plan, carry out and write up a Science experiment to answer the question: Which type of chocolate melts the fastest? Remember to use the process below:

  1. Question: what you are going to ask.
  2. Hypothesis (prediction): your guess about the results, giving reasons.
  3. Method: your plan for doing the experiment. How will you make sure it is a fair test?
  4. Materials and Equipment: everything you need to do the experiment.
  5. Results and Data: what happens in your experiment.
  6. Conclusion: compare your results with your hypothesis. Were you right or not? What do you think caused the results you got? If you were to do the experiment again, what might you change?

You may wish to think about different types/flavours of chocolate (eg. milk, white, dark) or different brands of one type.

If you do not have any chocolate at home, you can still write up steps 1-4!


We hope that you enjoy the tasks that you are able to complete! Please do send us pictures of your home learning!



Other useful Year 6 websites

BBC Bitesize

Education Quizzes


Primary Homework Help




Year 6 Website support

Here are some websites you might find useful:

Times Table Rockstar

IXL Year 6 Maths and English 

BBC Bitesize

Education Quizzes


Primary Homework Help


Sheppard Software


KS2literacy Spellings




If you have any concerns or anything you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Mobbs and Miss Harris.