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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Teaching Staff


Year R Miss S Pryke (Bees)
Miss E Gore (Butterflies)
Year 1 Mrs K Bate (Woodpeckers)
Mrs A Amos (Hedgehogs)
Year 2 Mrs R Green (Tigers)
Mr J Clark (Toucans)
Year 3 Mr L Taylor (Owls)
Mrs T Lovell (Meerkats)
Year 4 Miss L Howard (Pandas)
Miss C Ciantar and Mrs N Doinik (Tigers)
Year 5 Miss L Howling (Wolves)
Mrs K Riseley (Bears)
Year 6 Mrs T Mobbs (Leopards) 
Miss D Harris (Cheetahs)
Cover Teachers

Mr M Chittenden Pile

Mrs S Brittain
Mrs T Routley

Trainee Teacher Mrs J Hayward