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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School

Home Learning for Self-Isolation

Dear Parents/Carers,


                                    We hope you had a really good Easter break and that you and your families are safe and well in these unusual and difficult times.


We in Year 3, long to return to the days when we would be teaching your children in class. Unfortunately, none of us know how long the school closure and isolation restrictions will go on for. So until then, can we ask that you visit the ‘Seesaw’ site where you will find work set by your teacher, or alternatively, the school website where you will find a host of activities across almost all subjects.


Every little thing you do will help the children to adjust to returning to school faster, so that we can catch up on what we have missed as quickly as possible.


Thank you for all of your help,


Stay safe and healthy,


L. Taylor/J. Clark


Don't fear...learning can be found here! 

We ask that a little bit of each subject listed below is completed daily. If for whatever reason this becomes tricky, please focus on reading lots with your child and allowing time for times table practice and spellings. It's important to keep up the practice as the children will lose the skills they have learnt this year. We have very high expectations when it comes to their learning, so we please ask that you have the same.

If you are stuck for a printer, I have recommended a few really good Year 3 workbooks you can purchase. These will cover most of the curriculum for English and Maths. You may be able to find them cheaper with a little hunting of your own.


Scholastic - Grammar and Punctuation


Scholastic - Spelling and Vocabulary


Scholastic - Comprehension


Scholastic - Maths

Example Daily Timetable:

1. Joe Wicks Live PE @ 9am (30 mins)

2. Reading/AR Quiz/ Reading comprehension (45 mins)

3. Break (15 mins)

4. Handwriting / spellings of Year 3/4 words (25 mins)

5. Maths from Year 3 Whiterose link below (45 mins)/TT Rockstars (15 mins)

6. Lunch

7. Spelling and Grammar games or sheets from downloads below (20 mins)

8. Project work on Romans (1 hour) / Creative Writing from Literacy Shed

9. Cosmic Yoga (15 mins)

10. Read a book to your child to finish off the day


Please visit for parent tutorials and worksheets for maths in Year 3. It is still under development for Year 3 but when it's ready, please use this over the Twinkl site given below. 

Please visit and sign up for a free month of resources. 

Once you have signed up, please consolidate everything we have learnt in Year 3 so far. You can type one of the following followed by Year 3 to make it age specific. 

- place value up to 1000

- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (column method)

- statistics (bar chart, pictogram, tally chart)

- fractions (unit and non-unit fractions of amounts and shapes)

- money (using the decimal point)

- length and perimeter (mm, cm, m, km)

- times tables daily practice (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x)

Any Year 3 test papers you can download will support your child's progress. On Twinkle, you can also play interactive games in specific learning. 

Other fun interactive games links can be found below: (I have children's logins if you need them. Just email)


Writing, Reading and GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling)

Please use your Twinkl account to download Year 3 comprehension tasks. Search for Year 3 reading comprehension or LKS2 reading comprehension. 

Please continue to read daily with your child up to 30 minutes and record in their log books. Take the time to ask children comprehension styled questions so you can check understanding. Please use example questions below:

  1. Who was the author and illustrator of the book?
  2. Who were the main characters in the story?
  3. Who was your favourite character and why?
  4. How did the story start?
  5. What happened in the middle of the story?
  6. What happened at the end of the story?
  7. What was the main feeling in the story (eg was it happy, sad) and why was this so?
  8. Where was the story set?
  9. How did the story make you feel and why?
  10. Did you learn any new words from this story, if so what?

Children can continue to take AR quizzes at home by following this link:

This link is for free audible stories:

Free parent support for reading and writing can be found here:

This is a link to some fun interactive reading games:

For Writing, please use to find videos for amazing story starters. Please influence your child to edit punctuation and grammar as they write. Ask them to write a 1st draft and once edited, write a final draft as neat as possible. If they have a pen licence, encourage children to use pen. 

Please continue revising the Year 3 and 4 spelling lists found on our class page. In the attachments section below, you will also find GPS step's 1-7 for how to teach conjunctions and learning about the perfect present. Please download each zip file for the steps and follow in order. 

Link to GPS games -


This term's topic is 'The Roman Empire and its Impact on Britain'. It would be lovely if your child could create a project on the above topic. You can find most of the learning on Twinkl so your child can acquire the knowledge. As part of the maths curriculum, children in Year 3 have to also learn Roman numerals up to 100. This can be incorporated into their projects. Our person of interest we are focussing on is 'Boudica' also known as 'Boadicea'. Please research her impact on the Roman Empire. If the project is presented well, we will display a few in our school library for the school to learn from. Please encourage non-fiction layout using:-

- headings

- sub-headings

- information

- pictures, diagrams and captions

- rhetorical questioning to engage the reader

- fronted adverbials and subordinating/ coordinating conjunctions

Physical Activity

The Chief Medical Officer has advised that all children should be doing 60 minutes of intense physical activity a day to stay fit and healthy. Please use the links below for some ideas to help with this expectation:-

Go Noodle

BBC Supermovers

Twinkl Activity Cards

Twinkl Outside Activities

Cosmic Kids Yoga


This should be plenty to do during the self-isolation period. Just remember to....WASH YOUR HANDS! :) 



  1. 1. Who were The Romans.ppt
  2. 2. Roman Clothing.pdf
  3. Body Template.jpg
  4. Celtic-Vs-Roman-clothing.doc
  5. clothes-comparison.ppt
  6. Doll-template.pptx
  7. Hey Romans Wong Words.docx
  8. images-of-celtic-warriors.ppt
  9. images-of-romans.ppt
  10. Template.docx
  11. Template.docx
  12. 3. Roman Food.pptx
  13. 3. Roman Food.pptx
  14. Roman Recipes.doc
  15. Apples.doc
  16. Cats.doc
  17. Cement and Bricks.doc
  18. Clean Water.doc
  19. Coins.doc
  20. diamond 9 sort cards.doc
  21. Firemen police.doc
  22. Glass.doc
  23. Ideas sheet.doc
  24. Language.doc
  25. Libraries.doc
  26. Public heated baths.doc
  27. Public parks.doc
  28. Roads.doc
  29. Stinging Nettles.doc
  30. Street Cleaners.doc
  31. The Calendar.doc
  32. The legacy of the Roman Empire wksht.doc
  33. 2s 5s and 10s - 3 sessions_week - questions.pdf
  34. 3s 4s and 8s - 3 sessions_week - questions.pdf
  35. 6s 7s and 9s - 3 sessions_week - questions.pdf
  42. Year-3-Autumn-Block-3-Conjunctions-Small-Steps-and-Guidance.pdf
  46. School Closure Parents Letter_Year 3.pdf
  47. Year 3 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf
  48. Year 3 Home Learning Pack.pdf
  49. Year 3 Practical Ideas.pdf