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VE DAY activities

Victory in Europe Day, otherwise know as VE Day, is the day that marks the end of the second World War. On the 7th May 1945 Germany surrendered to the Allied Forces. The day after this, VE Day was celebrated and has been celebrated every year since. This year is the 75th anniversary of this day and it is an important milestone.

The Queen will be giving a special address to the nation at 9am on 8th May – which is the exact same time that her father, King George VI, spoke to the UK 75 years ago, on the actual VE Day.

We would like you to complete these activities:

Maths - Code Breaking

During the war, the Germans believed that encrypting their messages would prevent their enemies from reading them. However, the Engima machine helped the British and French to learn the German's secrets and outsmart them in the war. See if you can crack the code and work out the secrets!

English - VE Day Reading

VE Day is celebrated on 8th May each year. Find out more about VE day and answer the reading comprehension questions.

Cooking - Wartime Recipes

During the war, Britain had to conserve as much food as possible and so food was rationed. This means that people only had a fixed amount of food. Rationing began in January 1940 and lasted until 1954, which was nine years after the war had ended. Look at the wartime recipe book and try to make one of the items. Let us know what you made and how it tasted!

Art - Bunting 

The BBC is encouraging people to make bunting and we would like you to join in too. Go on the BBC website or use the bunting activity we have attached to the bottom of this page. We have also attached other arty activities for you to do to. Email your bunting pictures in so we can create a VE Day bunting gallery!

PE - Lindy Hop dance

Despite the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939, people across the world did not stop dancing. Dance halls were extremely popular with young people who relished the opportunity to escape their everyday worries and learn all the new dance crazes. We would like you to turn on the music and have a go at one of the dances from the PowerPoint! We have seen your street and African dances and we would love to see you Lindy hop so please share it with us!


Please share anything you do for VE day with us