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Previous Year 6 Learning and Resources

In this section you will be able to access last terms learning and resources.

Washing Hands and Staying Healthy

Keep up-to-date with school's response here

Please make sure children continue to wash their hands regularly. Here is a NHS guide: How to wash your hands properly

Childline: It can be difficult to cope when there’s so much changing around us. Children may be worried about schools closing, friends or relatives getting ill or what'll happen in the future. There is lots of advice at Childline either by phone or on their website. 0800 1111 Childline

Advice and ideas for parents: How to help children when schools are closed

Let children keep up-to-date with current affairs by watching Newsround

We use Jigsaw to support children's PSHE learning Jigsaw Resources . They are currently providing free support for families. The password for these is 'home' (all in lowercase).

Children are spending more time online so its important to stay safe. For more information see the links on the website tab on the right-hand side of the page.

Houseparty information is at the bottom of the page.


*Complete the activities that we have sent home.

*Continue to work through the revision guides or follow the link below to access a study guide:

English and Maths Study Book

*Test your skills on the websites below

Reading comprehensions, SPAG practise and spellings 

KS2literacy Spellings


*Additional work is in the Home Learning Pack at the bottom of this page.

*My Dear New Friend project encourages you to write letters to people living in care homes.

To take part all you need to do with support from an adult at home is to follow the instructions on the website to write a letter to a person currently living in a care home. You could write about your everyday life, or draw a picture of something important to you, like a pet or a favourite toy.

Then you post the letter to a local care home using the easy cover letter template. Your letter will brighten someone's day, and you might even get a reply! It's a great opportunity for you to make new friends despite social distancing, whilst practising their writing skills.

Please let us know how you get on!

*On the BBC Bitesize page you can find an English lesson 'Click here for the daily English lesson. This is a great way to revise and practise your SPAG skills.

*Look at the English Study Book for extra English practise or follow the links on the website tab to test your English skills. Additional work is in the Home Learning Pack at the bottom of this page.


*Complete the activities that we have sent home.

*Continue to work through the revision guides or follow the link below to access a study guide:

English and Maths Study Book

*Don't fall behind in maths; complete a White Rose Maths Lesson every day

White Rose Maths

*Test your skills on the websites below


Times Table Rockstars

Sheppard Software

*Additional work is in the Home Learning Pack at the bottom of this page.

YEAR 6 COULD YOU ACHIEVE A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD? Times Table Guinness World Record Holder

Guinness World Records has created a new title - Highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ in one minute - and we are looking for players to aim for this special accolade. All you have to do is submit a video of yourself playing a Studio game with the highest score in the world by 23:59 on 4th June 2020. Over the years we have seen some incredibly high scores in 1 minute games, like the astonishing 186 in the video on the right. That gives you an idea of how fierce the competition will be for this Guinness World Records title. With lots of practice can you become the number 1 in the world? All Official Attempts must be sent by email to

*Complete the daily activity from the White Rose Maths Website. Click here to access the daily maths lesson. Watch the video and complete the worksheet when prompted.  Worksheets below.

*If you want to keep practising, then look for angles in the KS2 maths study book Maths Study Book. Additional work is in the Home Learning Pack and worksheet activities at the bottom of this page.

*On the BBC Bitesize page you can find a Maths lesson 'Click here for the BBC Bitesize Maths lesson. This is a great way to revise and practise a maths skill.


Have you had a go at the Joe Wicks workout? It's on YouTube at 9am and it's still available later in the day if you miss it live. Joe Wicks Kid Workouts 

A new PE challenge! The Home Pentathlon is a fun way for families to take part in adapted Sportshall Athletics events within their home environment.


Have a go at using Scratch to write your own game. 

 Create stories, games and animations

We've had a go at making our own Scratch game. Can you do any better? Email your game in and we can share it for everyone to try out.

Mrs Mobbs Scratch Game - A cat on a beach (use in Chrome)

Mrs Mobbs Scratch Game - A frog and a rainbow  (use in Chrome)

Thanks Callum for sharing your Scratch Game!

 Callum's Game: Feed the Bear

Thanks Ellie for sharing your Scratch Game!

Ellie's Game: FEED BARRY THE SHARK! (use in Chrome)

History Project 

In history we will be focusing on the Mayan Civilisation and we would like you to find out all about this. This investigation should be completed over several days. (Part two will be available shortly)

How will you know if you have completed a successful piece of learning? Use the following to help you:

  1. How are you going to present your work? You could write it up as a booklet or non-chronological report, create a Powerpoint or even write an audio description and record yourself. It's up to you!
  2. How much should you include? Use the ideas below - they cover lots of different subject areas. Your work should be detailed as there is so much to find out!
  3. Are you going to do any extra research? Here are some links to extra information DK Mayan informationBBC Mayan informationMayan civilization facts Where could you find out more information?
  4. What should the quality of your work be like? It must be presented at a Year 6 level (Year 6 you know what that means - we have written lots of success criteria in class over the year). Think about the following:
  • Think carefully about presentation (titles, subheadings, technical language, information boxes, colour to engage the reader)
  • Use full sentences and paragraphs
  • Vary your sentence structure and openers
  • Use precise and appropriate vocabulary
  • Use a range of punctuation
  • If you are writing use neat and joined handwriting 
  • If you are using a computer make your work colourful with interesting pictures and diagrams
  • If you are recording yourself use expression and talk slowly. Engage the listeners.


Try the tasks on the RE activity worksheet pdf attachment at the bottom of the page.