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Kingsnorth Primary School

KingsnorthChurch of England Primary School


School Dinners

To promote an enjoyable lunchtime experience at Kingsnorth CE Primary school, we work very closely with our meal provider (Nourish) and team of kitchen staff.  This enthusiastic company brings many benefits and ensures that we provide a varied and high quality meal, plenty of choice and we aim to keep costs at a reasonable level. Meals are currently £2.25 per meal. (Oct '19)
Some children may be entitled to Free School Meals. We would be pleased to help arrange this for anyone to whom this applies. Please contact the school office if you think this applies to you, and be assured that any enquiries will be confidential, or log on directly to the website and select the Free School Meal application section.  Here you can complete your application and find out on the spot if you are entitled. If you are; the school will be notified.

 The latest Nourish menu is available to view, see attached menu below:  

Children have a choice of having a hot school dinner.  Years R-2 are currently paid for under the Universal Free School Meal scheme.  Years 3-6 meals must be paid for by parents, in advance using the online payment system.  Alternatively children can bring in a packed lunch from home.

Packed Lunch
Children can bring in a packed lunch to school. 

The lunch needs to be provided in a suitable lunch box/bag, marked clearly with their name, (no glass bottles please).

In terms of content, we ask parents to include as healthy a range as possible, with no sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks.

In the light of the increasing number of children with peanut allergies, we would ask that nut products are not included in lunch boxes, as even the smell or an airborne trace can be enough to give an allergic reaction for some children.