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Kingsnorth Church Of England Primary School

The best days of our lives… {{With Faith, Endeavour to Achieve}}

Our Christian Distinctiveness

Our school strives to serve the community by providing an excellent education for all pupils, of all abilities and backgrounds. We are a Church Controlled primary school and as such, work hard to preserve and develop our distinctive Christian character, liaising closely with the local church and Canterbury Diocese.

We converted to an academy (01 November 2015) through the Diocese of Canterbury Multi Academy Trust (Aquila). We took this decision to enable our school to have greater autonomy and have a greater say in how we are run now and in the future.



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Questions and Reflections from Collective Worship

These will be available weekly and addressed in class as well as during whole school Collective Worship. Please feel free to chat further with your children about them.


Reflective Thoughts for Term 4 Week 5

Monday-  The Bible tells us how the disciples caught a glimpse of Jesus’s glory as God’s Son at the top of the mountain.  What does Jesus mean to you?

Tuesday- Jairus showed total faith in Jesus.  How can you show trust today?

Wednesday-  God gave us the power to make choices. What kind of choices will you make today?

Thursday-  The Last Supper: Christians remember the sacrifice God gave by giving His only Son to save everyone. What does giving something up feel like to you?

Friday- The Lord of the Dance song is one about spotting that little bit of God in others, so on Red Nose Day how can you help someone else today?

Prayer- The Lord’s prayer


Reflective Thoughts for Term 4 Week 6

Monday- Today we have met a Christian who told us about her life, so what does a Christian look like?

Tuesday- The Lord’s prayer teaches to forgive people. Is it possible for you to forgive?

Wednesday- The day Jesus died was a dark day but there was good news around the corner. Can you remember a time when you thought all was lost and dreadful but it turned out wonderful in the end?

Thursday-   Easter pilgrimage- Help us to see God/ good in everyone we meet.  

Friday- Yesterday we sang, prayed, worshipped, walked and celebrated the resurrection of the Son of God in church. Which part meant the most to you and why?

Prayer: God made you and God made me, He made the world for us to see. God loves you and long ago, He sent his Son to tell us so. Jesus showed us many things, to love and share and dance and sing. To learn and pray, to help and care, He promised he'd always be there. He died but then came back to life, let's celebrate for he's alive!  Amen.

Our School Christian Values

In April 2014, we consulted with the whole school community on what our 5 Key Christian Values should be.

The 5 values chosen were:

Thankfulness Friendship Trust Compassion Endurance


Enabling everyone to be thankful for more than just material possessions


Ensuring that people of all ages experience a ‘friendly school’


Encouraging and promoting relationships of trust in the school


Ensuring that everyone feels included and we support those in difficulties


Working at/for something even when it does not bring immediate results


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