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Kingsnorth Church Of England Primary School

The best days of our lives… {{With Faith, Endeavour to Achieve}}

Governor News

An ongoing blog of our Governor activities for this academic year...

15 December 2017 - Pupil Progress Meetings.
As part of the on-going assessment of children’s progress these meetings are held once per term to analyse the specific class data for the core curriculum subjects. The class team, alongside senior leadership and governors, ensure that all children are making good progress and discuss specific interventions or support that is needed to ensure this progress is sustained throughout the year. It is crucial that this is reviewed regularly.

06 December 2017 - Year R Nativity Play
It was well attended by parents and the children did a fantastic job in the play which was greatly appreciated by all. Thanks to all the hard work of both staff and pupils it was great to see.  I was particularly impressed with the pupil who despite hitting her head early on in the play but was determined to join in at the end with the singing complete with ice pack.  Well done all!

06 December 2017 - Year R Nativity Play
I had the pleasure of watching the newest members of the school perform their version of the nativity story. It is a great opportunity to welcome parents/family members into the school again and to hear their views on the school so far! Personally for me, it is great to talk with some parents that I have met earlier in the year when they were choosing a school or at our inductions sessions.

06 December 2017 - Brenzett First Learning and Development Group Meeting
The first meeting of the newly formed L&D group for Brenzett took place this evening. With the addition of the 3 new governors (2 parent and 1 staff governor) the group now has 7 fully committed working governors. This meeting focused on understanding its role and responsibilities and planning for the future. The group has a good mix of experienced governors and other who are new to governance but bring with them the necessary skills and experience that will make them very effective governors.

01/02 December 2017 - PFA Christmas Fayre
I was able to support the pfa with one of their fundraising events for the school. The PFA team of volunteers work tirelessly to raise very much needed extra funds for the school. The governors fully acknowledge this extra money and truly appreciate the work that is done to organise these lovely community events.

30 November 2017 - Strategic and Resource Group meetings
The November round of meetings provided governors with the revised School Plans for the coming year, it was pleasing to have reports from several external advisors that conclude good progress is being made across both Kingsnorth and Brenzett school and that new staff have settled in very well. Resources group was able to report on the successful completion of the roof repairs at Kingsnorth and that further bids for funding was being made to change the boilers at Kingsnorth and install better fencing around Brenzett school this year. Budgets in both schools remain tight but manageable and the governors are constantly monitoring them.

28 November 2017 -  Middle school link meeting
These meetings between governors and the team leader enable us to have a full review of the work that is being carried out in the middle school, Years 2-4. Today, we discussed progress data in all year groups and attainment data. We spoke about programmes that are used in reading, writing and maths and the impact that they have had so far. The structure of the middle school staffing was discussed with the additional presence of a student teacher this year and the TA team that is in place. We also heard of training that had taken place for staff and identified some ongoing training needs. The meeting is a very useful opportunity in school to really analyse up to date information.

23 November 2017 - Chair of Governors and Head Teacher Aquila meeting
Attended a Chair of Governor and Head Teacher meeting with the senior management and board representatives from Aquila at Reculver Primary School. Aquila presented more information on the progress that had been made within Aquila schools and how well the Academy Trust schools were now working and cooperating together. The data shared showed very good trends in both key stage groups with clear evidence of some outstanding practice and results in the EYS and KS1 data. The work get all schools on a single management reporting systems within SIMS was well underway and most of the initial program problems had now been addressed with some individual school still experiencing minor technical issues which are being addressed. Aquila has now started to train their own teachers with student teachers in most of the Aquila schools supported by Canterbury University. This program is intended to help train the next generation of teachers who we all hope will go on to continue to work for Aquila and the pupils that the trust educates.

20 November 2017 - Training session Along with other governors from Kingsnorth and Brenzett
I attended a training session on the subject of Coaching Into Appraisal. The training was carried out by an independent body of which all Aquila schools use. Governors are always seeking opportunities to ensure that our skills are kept up to date in order to support the JLGB to the best of our ability.

08 November 2017 - Annual open evening for prospective new year R parents
This information evening held at Kingsnorth was very well attended by parents gathering information on choosing a school for their child for September 2018. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to engage with the community to answer their questions about the school and its future direction! We also welcomed families into the school on the mornings of 20th and 21st November to see the school during the working day. It is a great opportunity for me as a governor to spend time with school staff and meet members of the local community.

19 October/28 November 2017 - HT annual review
A panel of governors, with the support of an external advisor, carry out this statutory responsibility. We are there to review the targets set in the previous academic year and to set new targets for the year ahead.

11th October  2017 - Collective Worship
Rev Caroline was in school monitoring the Collective Worship this morning with Mrs Hardwick. Despite being stung by a wasp Mrs Sullivan led very well!
We looked at how CW is distinctively Anglican and how it can be distinctively Christian as it seeks to ask questions of the children and relate them both to faith and the Bible and their life.
Mrs Hardwick and I also visited each classroom to monitor the prayer spaces and how the school values were displayed. It was encouraging to see the children using the 'dream clouds' to think big dreams about the future, and to see how each prayer space is used differently in each classroom. I was pleased to see examples of children articulating what the school values were for themselves. 

21 September 2017 - First Committee Meetings of the year

Throughout today the JLGB met in committees to discuss resources, finance, staffing, curriculum and health and safety. Minutes of every meeting are available to parents and staff to read, if they wish to, once they have been approved.  

06 September 2017 - Forming the Joint Local Governing Body
This evening we met for the first time as a Joint Local Governing Body (JLGB). We welcomed the existing Brenzett  Governors to join us and with the advice from Nick Morgan of Aquila we had our first meeting agreeing documentation and Terms of Reference amongst other things.



30 June 2017 - Sports Day

It was great to attend the school sports day event today. The children all seemed to have a wonderful time and enjoy participating in the events. It was nice to see so many parents spectating. Thanks to all staff who made it a successful event.


28 June 2017 - Comment from the Vice Chair of Governors

I am always interested in how we can prepare our Year 6 children in going forward into the 'big wide world' of secondary education, and I would like to relate of two events that have recently taken place for our pupils.

Today I visited the Rare Breeds centre at Woodchurch where Ashford Borough Council had arranged for all Year 6 children in the Borough to learn about various safety hazards and 'life skills'. There were stands about drugs education, keeping safe, and a whole host of other agencies but for the first time children were also advised about 'mental health and well being' issues. This afternoon our staff took Kingsnorth children to participate in this annual event. I was delighted to see how well behaved our pupils were and another Borough Councillor remarked to me how good they were.

Also I was able to arrange for our MP to come to school to talk to Y6 children about ;democracy' as part of our teaching on British Values. Year 6 children from Furley Park also came to hear what Damian Green our “deputy PM” had to say and he answered all of their questions quite honestly.  I thought the best question from children was “What motived you to become interested in politics?”  and the answer was that he had a good history teacher at  school.

08 June 2017 - Resources group meeting

A very productive meeting today covering budgets, reviewing policies, staffing plans and discussing future school plans and projects.

08 June 2017 - Resources Group Meeting
The Resources group of governors met for the final time this year. The main topic on the agenda was the setting and approval of the school budget. After much discussion the budget was approved and signed by the Head Teacher and Chair of Governors. The school and Governors have set a tight but balanced budget this year given the financial pressures all school now face, the budget was submitted to Aquila with a caveat describing why we have done what we have. On an extremely positive note the head teacher was able to report that for September we are fully staffed with highly qualified teachers in EVERY class and also have the added support of two great student teachers who would be working with us. The Resource governors and especially the Chair of Resources have worked extremely hard this year with the school and are proud of all the school has been able to achieve.

05 June 2017 - Health and Safety Audit
As the designated Health and Safety Governor I attended a meeting with the Health and Safety representative from Aquila. The audit was conducted on behalf of Aquila by a company called Ellis Whittam who provide management services to the trust. The audit was robust and detailed over the course of the whole day and included a physical full site inspection as well as a desk audit of all associated paper work and policies. I am very pleased to report that only a few minor issues were raised most relating to signage or simple housekeeping practices. These were either address on the day or will be completed before the end of term.

26 May 2017 -  Budget Meeting
The Chair of Resources, Chair of Governors and the school business manager met to go over in detail the proposed budget that needed to be finalised and submitted to the Academy Trust early in June. Given the very tight monetary constraints the school had prepared a balance budget proposal with governors that provide for the day to day operational needs and allowed for a smaller amount of money this year than in previous years towards further school improvements. The budget would be submitted to the full Governor Resources Group in early June for their approval.

23 May 2017 - Chair of Governors and Head Teacher Aquila meeting
Attended a Chair of Governor and Head Teacher meeting with the senior management and board representatives from Aquila at the Ramsgate Primary school. The meeting was the 3rd one this year and focused on the progress that had been made within Aquila schools and how well the Academy Trust schools were now working and cooperating together. All at the meeting agreed that this was a major step forward for the trust and would lead to even more progress next year.

28 April 2017 - Planning Meeting with Kingsnorth Parish Council
The Chair of Kingsnorth Parish council came to the school to discuss plans they are considering to help improve the facilities offered to the residents of Kingsnorth and ask for input from the school on what they can do to help and support us.

24 April  2017 - Progress and Impact meeting
Today I attended the meeting with all senior leaders of the school as well as the school improvement advisor appointed by Aquila to monitor and evaluate our progress. The meeting focuses on current termly data from all year groups to ensure we are on track to achieve our school targets and that all pupils are making the necessary progress. The meeting also looks at the detail of various groups to ensure that no particular group is in any way disadvantaged. The data available showed progress was on target and any pupils who were not meeting expected levels were known to teachers and action was being taken to help them. 

21 April 2017 - Governor Lunch with Pupil School Council
The governors invited the pupil’s School Council to the annual lunch we hold with them. This is a great opportunity for both governors and the pupils from across all year groups to meet and hear from each other. The meeting took place in the old school building and the buffet lunch was provided by our catering company. The pupils were fantastic and ask a range of question and raised some concerns they have, all the governors who were able to attend enjoyed the event and look forward to it again next year.

02 March 2017- Resources group meeting
Today included finance review, health and safety update, staffing update, to discuss future projects and lettings. With school finances under increasing pressure we spoke about the impact it could have on our school. We acknowledged and thanked the PFA for their amazing work and support in raising essentials funds for the school. 

02 March 2017- Lower School Link Meeting

The lower school link Governors received an update on data for the Lower School including an indication of the expected pass rate for the Phonics Screening Check and the measures that had been put in place to ensure the best possible outcome for the children in this test. The Governors were given an understanding of the new way in which appraisals and coaching would be carried out at the School and the benefits of these changes.  Staff changes and Miss Ciantar’s forthcoming maternity leave were discussed, with regard to her role as a class teacher, the Head of Lower School and as a Governor. The Year R Mother’s Day event and the Year R trip to the library and fire station were outlined and the governors were extended an invitation. 

23 February 2017 - Governor Training

I attended a SIAMS monitoring course this evening which gave a great oversight into what is expected to be seen during a SIAMS inspection. It was a good opportunity to speak to other school governors and have more in depth discussions around SIAMS. 


22 February 2017 - Parents/Governors Meeting
Today we had our Annual meeting between Parents and Governors. It is a great opportunity to meet each other face to face and discuss school improvement and future projects the school has in mind. Please find the minutes attached here.

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